PHY6222 is a System on Chip (SoC) for Bluetooth 5.2 / IEEE 802.15.4 applications. It has ARM® Cortex™-M0 32-bit processer with 64K retention SRAM, 128KB-8MB flash, 96KB ROM, 256bit efuse, and an ultra-low power, high performance, multi-mode radio. Also, PHY6222 can support BLE / IEEE 802.15.4 with security, application and over-the-air download update. Serial peripheral IO and integrated application IP enables customer product to be built with minimum bill-of-material (BOM) cost.

High-performance Multi-mode RF Transceiver

High-performance multi-mode RF transceiver is realized at the lowest cost through the full reuse of hardware modules. The maximum TX Power is 10dBm; RX Sensitivity: -99dBm@BLE 1Mbps, -103dBm@IEEE 802.15.4 250Kbps; Link Budget 109dB@1Mbps; 4mA of Receive Mode and 4.6mA of Transmit Mode at 0dBm output power. In addition, the innovative Coherent Demodulation provides 3dB demodulation gain, which increased the communication distance and anti-jamming capability by several times.

Ultra-low-power SoC Design

Achieve the lowest peak current, average current and sleep current with High-efficiency On-chip Power Management, Ultra-low-power RF Front-end, Low-power Clock Generator, Oscillator Fast Start Oscillation and other IC technologies, which ensure that the conventional 200mAh button battery can work for more than five years under power supply.

Versatile Application Scenarios

Smart Wearable, Smart Home, Mesh Lighting, Smart Electricity Meter, Selfie Stick, Anti-loss Device, Remote Control, Mobile Phone Peripherals, Electronic Shelf-edge Labels, Bluetooth LE Beacon, Health Care, Smart Building, Smart Industry.

Independent Intellectual Property Rights

Full-stack Bluetooth Solutions and Multi-protocol Stack


PHY6202蓝牙芯片是一款具有强大性能,高灵活性的超低功耗芯片。同时支持低功耗蓝牙、蓝牙5.0、蓝牙MESHZigBee、谷歌ThreadMist等多种通信协议,面向智能终端周边设备、智能语音、智能家居、智能制造、智能交通等应用。PHY6202使用一颗32ARM® Cortex™-M0 芯片。具有128K ROM138K SRAM,和256/512KFlash其内置2.4GHz的无线收发机支持低功耗蓝牙(BLE),ANT和私有2.4GHz协议栈。


PHY6202可以作为独立系统运行,也可以作为主机MCU的从设备,通过I2C / UART 接口提供蓝牙功能。




PHY6202 集成天线开关、RF balun、电源管理模块等功能, 只需极少的外围器件,增强可靠的安全性能同时大大降低整体方案成本。

PHY6202 性能稳定,工作温度范围达到 -40°C 到 +125°C。


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) System on Chip

 Key Features

    ARM® Cortex™-M0 32-bit processor


Ø 512/256KB in-system flash memory


Ø 138KB SRAM, all programmable retention in sleep mode

Ø 8-channel DMA

    35 general purpose I/O pins

Ø All pins can be configured as serial interface and programmable IO MUX function mapping

Ø All pins can be configured for wake-up

Ø 18 pins for triggering interrupt

Ø 3 quadrature decoder(QDEC)

Ø 6-channel PWM

Ø 4-channel I2S

Ø 2-channel PDM

Ø 2-channel I2C

Ø 2-channel SPI

Ø 2-channel UART


    8-channel 12bit ADC with analog PGA

    4-channel 32bit timer, one watchdog timer

    Real timer counter (RTC)

    Power, clock, reset controller

    Flexible power management

Ø Supply voltage range 1.8V to 3.6V

Ø Embedded buck DC-DC

Ø Embedded LDOs

Ø Battery monitor: Supports low battery detection

Ø 2μA @ Sleep Mode with 32KHz RTC

Ø 0.7μA @ OFF Mode (IO wake up only)

    2.4 GHz transceiver

Ø Compliant to Bluetooth 5.0, ETSI EN 300 328 and EN 300 440 Class 2 (Europe), FCC CFR47 Part 15 (US) and ARIB STD-T66 (Japan)

Ø Sensitivity:

-97dBm @ BLE 1Mbps data rate

-103dBm @ BLE 125Kbps data rate

Ø TX Power -20 to +10dBm in 3dB steps

Ø Receiver: 5mA @sensitivity level

Ø Transmitter: 5mA @0dBm TX power

Ø Single-pin antenna: no RF matching or RX/TX switching required

Ø RSSI (1dB resolution)

    RC oscillator hardware calibrations

Ø 32KHz RC oscillator automatic calibration

Ø 32MHz RC oscillator automatic calibration

Ø Supports single-crystal or non-crystal configuration

    AES-128 encryption hardware



    Link layer hardware

Ø Automatic packet assembly

Ø Automatic packet detection and validation

Ø Auto Re-transmit

Ø Auto ACK

Ø Hardware Address Matching

Ø Random number generator

    Operating temperature: -40℃ ~125℃

   RoHS Package: QFN48/ QFN32

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